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Pedestrian Injuries

Unfortunately, we regularly handle cases in which drivers have hit a pedestrian but then left the scene, or maybe the other driver simply wasn’t insured.

If this has happened to you, we can still help you claim compensation under the Motor Insurance Bureau.

This organisation provides compensation payouts when someone has been injured in a road traffic accident when the other driver was either uninsured or untraced.

Pedestrian hit and run accident : The Motor Insurance Bureau

There are two schemes handled by the MIB, the first involves accidents involving uninsured drivers, whilst the second scheme involves accidents with untraced drivers.

To submit a claim, expert advice should be sought, as the MIB have a number of very strict criteria that must be fulfilled in order to succeed with a successful claim. The criteria is as follows :-

What do do if you have had a Hit and Run accident or the other Driver isn't Insured

We recognise how upseeting cases of this nature can be, however don't worry if you have been injured and the other driver has driven off or is an Uninsured Driver we can help call us now on 0845 269 35 71 for help.

Frequently asked questions about hit and run car accidents

Making a claim if the oter driver has driven off or cannot be traced can be very confusing. As a result of this we often get asked lots of questions, here are the most common :-

Who will pay my claim ?

Your claim if successful would be paid by the MIB, they are a government and insurer funded organisation that compensate victims of road traffic accidents.

Will the MIB deal with my claim in the same way as a normal insurer ?

The way the MIB value your injuries will be undertaken in exactly the same way as a normal insurer, or Court. Injury Claims are valued according to case law as well as JSB Guidelines which are updated every year by senior judges for every type of injury.

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